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Great for readers, gifted people and everyone in between. It is a strong protection bracelet and for the first time ever I have them available as such so they can be worn daily. Wards off negative energy and absorbs energy as well, helping you to stay balanced.

•The beads mainly protect from the weight of the Ancestral spirits coming to you so that you will not be as drained or tired

• It works hand in hand if you are a diviner/reader and has been tested and approved by Ms.Z time and time again to work as the cow is a very strong animal especially in the spiritual realm.

They are 100% thick cow bone beads from Kenya,will be blessed and ready.

***This one includes One Ancestor Speaking Cowrie shell from Nigeria, it represents the voices of your Ancestors, will be blessed as well***

**Disclaimer this item doesn't replace medical treatment of any kind. Sold as curio**

**one size fits most

** only includes one bone bracelet (NONE are exactly alike DIFFERENT SIZES DUE RAW AUTHENTIC MATERIAL)

White Ancestor Talking Bone Protection Bracelet auth. cow bone/Kenya

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