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The long-awaited bone sets have finally been approved by my Ancestors to be made available to the public. I can only sell a certain amount of sets and after that I will NOLONGER make them available.

Keeping in mind you do not have to be initiated to read bones (depending on the tradition), but traditionally, you can have your bones past down to you by an experienced bone reader. In this process, you are still being initiated into the mysteries. I advise everyone who buys a set to please plan to buy the class

Your set includes

17 pieces

Shells. (Cowrie shells are authentic from Nigeria and could be 100 years old)




Carved Kenya Ancestor

Charm gun

Yoruba Brass piece

Turkey bone

Buffalo tooth old and has a crack but sturdy

For throwing

Ancestral Bone Kit 17 pieces Solar Eclipse Charged ,Old Cowrie Shells

Out of Stock
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