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Authentic Osun River Stone from Osogbo Osun River from Nigeria.

*You will receive one Stone 🙌🏿.

*size: SMALL

Each Stone has been consecrated by an Osun Priest(Olosun) from Osun state. I received an abundance of stones but I will only be making a few available.

The stone can be used to connect with the Powerful Ancestor and Mother to us all ..Water!

Especially if you have been told you are connected to water spirits.

You do not need to be initiated to make use of this Stone. It has Osun's Ase (power) on it (although this doesn't make one an initiate to Osun)

*The Stone can be used during divination to enhance clairvoyance.

•Can be used to promote inner healing within yourself, and help to release negative energy and emotions.

• can be carried with you as a powerful protection amulet,as Osun is a divine protector, and one of the most Powerful Orisa (force of nature). There is no enemy to water.

•brings abundance to one's business

•can be used to help promote Fertility and wellness

Osun heals with water ,healer of children brings blessings and abundance.

***stone chosen by random.

*Disclaimer this item doesn't replace medical treatment of any kind.

Authentic Osun River Stone (Consecrated in Ceremony)(Small)

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