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This is one of the many spiritual medicines that I use in the Inyoni (Bird Spiritual practice). (Water spiritual Medicine)

Blessed by a High Priestess/Priest

•Gives Power and Strength to the wearer

•Protects against Evil Eye and witchcraft (no enemy to water

• Protection for spiritual workers and increases intuition

• Coolness, increases the response of things going smoothly for you and open roads in your life where you feel blocked.

*Extremely good for: those suffering from spiritual attacks

* Spiritual people to increase clear messages

*Strength and courage

* counteracting road blocks

*keeping a cool head where there is anxiety and stress

*Disclaimer this does not replace medical treatment of any kind. Used for spiritual purposes only. Does not include rings .

*you will receive one bracelet

Blessed Inyoni Medicine Bracelet Coolness & Evil Eye Protection(Water Medicine

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