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This is one of the many spiritual medicines that I use in the Inyoni (Bird Spiritual practice). (Red and White earth spiritual Medicine)

Blessed by a High Priestess/Priest

•Gives Power and Strength to the wearer

•Protects against Evil Eye and witchcraft

• Reversal Magic (what someone wishes on to you will be sent back)

• Draws Fertility and blessings to you

• powerful symbol of life, male and female (union) bringing things together

• Contains Authentic white Ox Bone beads which helps to protect against negative thoughts, assists with keeping your energy balanced and cleansed against spiritual attacks

*Extremely good for: those suffering from spiritual attacks

* Someone who is getting taking advantage of and needs their Power back.

*Strength and courage

*Taking on a leadership role/position and needing to assert dominance.

* those seeking abundance and wellness, love

*Disclaimer this does not replace medical treatment of any kind. Used for spiritual purposes only. Does not include rings .

*you will receive one bracelet

Blessed Inyoni Medicine Bracelet Fertility, Power, &Protection(White&Red earth)

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