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These are stretchy, stackable, blessed Ox bone bracelets.

They assist with

•Decreasing negative and depressing thoughts sent you by enemies or as result of your own stress.

• warding off spiritual attacks

• allowing you to be more productive of your time and helping you to stay focused

•warding off evil eye and attracting abundance with the cowrie shell added

It is a small protective amulet that will help ward off evil spirits and intent, the Ox totem is a Male cow with massive strength in the spirit realm so the bone will help to protect your aura field

(If you constantly being drained spiritually, I recommend getting an Ancestors protection bracelet, they work well together)

You stack these as you see fit (Two is recommend)

*only one each

* Disclaimer no item replaces medical treatment of any kind

Blessed White Ox Bone Bracelet Authentic from Kenya w/cowrie

Out of Stock
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