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Consecrated by High Priestess Ieisha at the River (offerings were given)

This Charm necklace is Consecrated to bring bring Fertility, abundance, and wealth to the wearer. It will increase your attraction level to manifest what you seek in life.

The beads are red, which is the color of the Primordial Mothers and Fertility.

*has Authentic Ox bone beads which wards off negative energy

The doll itself is a rare vintage Akua'ba doll from Ghana which it is said that"these dolls are carried on the back of young women either hoping to conceive a child, or to ensure the attractiveness of the child being carried. When not in active use, the akua'ba would be ritually washed and cared for in the traditional homestead. The treatment of the Akua'ba has been described as an example of traditional beliefs that correspond to many traditional beliefs in West African sympathetic magic."

Disclaimer this item doesn't replace medical treatment of any kind.

The necklace is Aprrox 13n

Doll about 3.5in

Consecrated Fertility Doll Charm Necklace Authentic From Ghana

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