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Mediumship Session (Over the Phone)

  • 30 minutes
  • 111 US dollars
  • Over the phone

Service Description

This service is for mediumship, defined as opening up a channel so that your Ancestors and Guides can come through themselves and speak with you, leave a message or just confirm they are around and watching over you. In a traditional style, I will only use a pen and pad to write down messages I'm getting from what they show me in a vision. (So I don't pull from cards with this type of mediumship) I may also add my pendulum to confirm things such as what side of the family the Ancestor comes from and yes or no questions you may have while the Ancestor is present. *typically, I receive initials, names, images, events, or words. • Do not tell me anything other than your first and last name until I ask you to confirm what I am seeing. (YOUR REAL NAME! IT IS YOUR CLAN NAME) • send a picture of your face via email to help with connection • Please do your genealogy and make a family tree prior, as this helps with making connections to any Ancestor that wishes to come forward. It could be your 4th great-grandmother. If you don't have their names, you won't know. On rare occasions, a friend could step forward. If you are adopted, that family can step forward, too. *((((• If no one steps forth, you have the option to receive a regular Ancestor reading with cards or shells or change the reading subject altogether. I can't make Ancestors step forward. In which case you may ask four questions)))) Session ranges from 15 minutes to a max 30 The session is performed over the phone. For the date and time you pick on the calendar. After 5mins of your scheduled time, your appt may be canceled and refunded. * If you call after the session has ended, you will be blocked 🚫.

Cancelation Policy

All sales are final, NO Refunds. Once you book your reading ,you should receive your YouTube video link within 14 Business Days AFTER the booking date (the weekend DOES NOT apply), so please book for the next available date to mark the calendar correctly. Thank you! All Appointments Go In Order unless you book an "Emergency Reading". (I reserve the right to make changes to this policy if seen fit on behalf of the business)

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