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Initiation To The Forgotten Wisdom Of The Mothers

Founded in 2/2022 by Ieisha and Lante
Ieisha, High Priestess of the Feathers, Lady of the Crow, Priestess Nekhbet, Eleye (Owner of the Bird)

Lante, High Priest of the Owl Spirit , Keeper of the Bird

Priesthood is not solely about a title . It acknowledges the amount wisdom one has on a particular subject, being able to harness your power and gifts, and the strength of your connection to the Creator and all other spirits, living and deceased.
There is an initiation to the bird wisdom that we provide but it can also only be fully given by the birds themselves, so a calling to this is important and will be confirmed by divination or your backstory.
During initiation we teach you how to speak with the birds and bird medicine(spiritual medicine that is). How to feed the birds for money, protection. How to call on the bird for protection in real time.
Help you build a connection with all animals and how the bird works with other beings in relation to the world.
  We teach about the birds as it pertains to different cultures and we will also help you to connect to bird wisdom and medicine from your ancestry. Ancestor communication and veneration is important and a requirement to opening up your ears to other spirits. There are levels to this.

At the end of your learning period we will do divination to determine the tools you will be gifted. Which could be but not limited to an activated sacred feather (all must be legal to own and in compliance with the migratory bird act) .
I have received all of my feathers during my initiation, I have been on this journey since 14 and fully initiated 14yrs later. We do not limit you to any religion or spiritual practice but typically, I find that people of the birds don't do well being limited to anything, because birds aren't. We do use principles from all cultures for understanding but it is still important to understand your power through your lineage. The initiation process can last for 1year (more or less) with us but it doesn't stop there. At the end you will be gifted the title Priestess or Priest of the bird and their feather if it is legal for you to have . You may receive several different things depending on what spirit has for your journey.
For information please reach out.
*this is a secret Priesthood that has never been done before. The birds have given me many gifts and I am honored to help others find there way to the secret calling of their songs. It is a way to honor and respect mother earth** 

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