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Fulani and Yoruba Tribe

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Hey Guys, 
I am Clairsentient, a highly intuitive Reader, and a Spiritual creator. On my journey, I started learning things about myself that I never knew I was capable of. From being chased by Crows when I was a kid, to now understanding their messages to me as an adult.I am able to channel energy and with that gift I can pick up on certain images and feelings connected to the person I am reading for. I have great connection to my spirit animals and they help me in my sight to see beyond the veil. I channel energy to help enlighten those in need of guidance. My spiritual tools includes the use of tarot, bone casting and oracle cards. I create tools to help people on their journey in healing and in restoring good energy within their life. I make my famous handmade dream-catchers, which is inspired through Native culture. I am proud to say my love for everything I do follows my Ancestors and my heritage includes my strong African roots of the Yoruba and Fulani tribe as well. I follow the sacred practice of West African spirituality and I seek to become a great elder one day, and teach everything I know about this physical realm, but for now I will continue to learn and help in anyway that I can. I love my brand DawningDreamz and I know you will too. Peace Out!


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