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DawningDreamz has been in business for more than 7years🏅and counting, servicing clients from all over the world🌎! please follow us on instagram @Dawningdreamz to see the latest reviews about our shop and stay updated on products and services! 


"Purchased a dream-catcher for my car custom made just for me, I love it! Also, requested fall dream-catcher earrings, received my packages within 3 days Great work and fast”


“I've been on this Jorney for about 4 years strong now. And I admit in my early phases of my light work(awakening).I had already developed a sense of spirituality. But though I had that advantage. I still needed to harness my spiritual power(light-work/god-like abilities) in order to manifest a peaceful world for the ones around me. Needless to say I struggled for a while. Went through many phases. But after the first two years I met this Goddess. She's like my spiritual guide. A literal soul sister. It started with a random conversation but with honest emotion behind it. That led to using her goddess abilities (psychic/mystical/spiritual abilities) to help me further my journey in a shorter amount of time. SHE'S MY LITERAL SOUL SISTER. I welcome you to the chance to form a spiritual relationship with her, with her consent of course. But enjoy her page, all the love she brings it's worth anything”


“As a truly Satisfied customer, I highly recommend everyone come shop with DawningDreamz!.”


“Through both of the love reading and this life purpose/soul mission reading, there were quite a few moments, I was shocked and stunned by your ability to pick up certain messages that are very, very subtle, hidden,and profound.”


“Ms.Z is a great teacher with a beautiful spirit. Very knowledgeable, honest and genuine. I was lead to take her “All Things Divination” class by being drawn to her ancestral readings from YouTube. Her gift resonates with my spirit and the class was well worth the time and investment for my spiritual growth. I feel I received everything I needed and expected from the class. 

Thank you for sharing your gifts and knowledge.” 

- Christal Intentions 

- Christal Intentions 

" One of the only psychic reader I honestly truly trust. I was guided by my ancestors to take this class and I don't regret it as it showed me what was not in alignment with me and helped me make the right choices for my own spiritual psychic development. I strongly recommend Ms. Z's products".

Mama Sow

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