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Headed towards initiated? Feeling pressured to meet the demands of "Spirit Guides"...okay ✋️ before you go any further, purchase this lecture and let's talk! 😀

I'm here to give you some real information about my experience with African Traditional spirituality (ATR) namely from my experience "Isese" Orisa Tradition, which can also relate to other branches such as Santeria and other practices.

**49mins worth of content

This is not information I could put out there without ruffling some feathers so I decided to make this a lecture for you to hear my opinion on initiation and if you should spend thousands on a ceremony. And I've spent thousands so I only speak from experience.

•Disclaimer- this is in no way to bash any tradition. You can make you own choices, I am Priestess of Inkwazi, of the Inyoni Spiritual Practice ✨️ and I speak from a place of trying to help those find their path and not the path of the sheep.

You can benefit from this video also if you are already initiated and want to do some reflection on your path.

Before You Get Initiated To ATR! Lecture- Save Thousands!

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