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This is the first and probably only time Ms.Z will make this available to the public! 

Here you will learn about the fundamentals of reading bones, the nature of it all from a African and African American standpoint and origin.
*Please keep in mind that one intro class will not make you a skilled reader, but it will give you the tools you need to become one
As Ms.Z has had years of experience reading bones, there is a lot to be said on the subject but we will focus on the most important things during this class such as:
*How to protect yourself during sessions
*How to start reading the bones
* How to tighten up your skills if you already read bones
* How to connect your bones to your Ancestors
* AN example bone reading will be preformed 
* Signals of when you need to stop reading the bones
* The difference between bones and cards within divination 
and much more

(** As a heads up, you will not be permitted to buy this class if you fall in these categories:
*You don't believe in the Ancestors (you think they owe you something, you don't care to venerate or even think of them)-this type of bone reading requires your Ancestors assistance!
*You left my other courses WITHOUT an explanation.- some people only show up to exploit my sacred practices and want to skip over the basics ,and  this will not be tolerated anymore -if any apply you will be refunded)

*Other than that all are welcome to join!! Beginners and seasoned readers if you interested in my style of reading. Allow me to initiate you in the mysteries of de bones
***Class will be delivered as downloadable link not to be shared with anyone

Ancestor Bone Reading Course(1)

$150.00 Regular Price
$112.50Sale Price
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