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This is the very long awaited Second edition of my divination course featuring me and my partner Lante, It has been a few years since my first class and in this class we dive deeper into understanding divination as world wide concept, understanding how it relates to nature and everything we do and how it can be applied to our daily lives and used for our clients.  This class will answer questions that many people have about diving regardless of what tools you use to do it (tarot, oracle cards etc). It talks about the energy invovled with diving, and protecting yourself during the process. This class is for beginners and advanced readers, this class speaks about divination collectively (we will not cover learning each tarot meaning, and it is not required for you to know anything about tarot in particular , you can still follow along)It is recommended to have the first course but not required ,as I will revisit certain topics as we dive deeper from what I learned on a more advanced level. This is a playback, the class is pre-recorded, about 1hr and 40mins long.You download the file to receive access to the link. If you have an issue please email me.Thank you for investing in your spiritual development , I hope you enjoy.

Divination Course Second Edition

$60.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
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