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**This Offering is for the Grassland Spirits-

Carried out in grassland areas, which normally has very few tress, just an abundance of grass and it's animal inhabitants ..and lots of sun!

Grassland spirits can be petitioned for work to cut ties/cords from old relationships,(spiritual husbands and wifes), business/ career boost and constant work, movement and uncrossing, protection and strength to move forward. Finding resources and help for your situation. Brings peace and wellness in your life. Can also be used for Ancestors.

(I highly recommend a reading for this one because I believe it works best for cord cutting, it can also help to remove chains and blockage put on you but only if you know who has done it. If you are unsure, I would suggest the Forest spirits.

(We go to a spot bestowed upon us from the Ancestors, As an initiated Priestess of the African River Eagle and my partner Priest of the Owl spirit, we have wisdom from many different tribes (Ndembu, Zulu, Xhosa) including my own (Yoruba) about spirits of the glassland and their gifts that they can help us with.)

•It is always advisable to have a reading first (Book an Inyoni Reading to confirm what offerings are needed with what spirits) and ask if this is something you should do to help your situation especially if you are dealing with hexes or spiritual attacks

•If you are just seeking a boost from the nature spirits in your situation, divination prior is not necessary but you should still explain what you are seeking with the offering.

•please be advised not all offerings are accepted as is, meaning you can't be an evil person and think you will gain favor from pure spirits or someone who is looking for more money but not actively doing your part to create a space in which the spirits can bless you with opportunities.

**You will receive an email with pictures of the offering we will be giving.

Delivery Time is within 14 business days of purchase!!!

•• the success of these offering are primarily based around you , we act as a medium to make sure they are received.

**We make no claim to treat, heal any medical conditions physical or mental. This is not a substitute for seeing a professional doctor in any field*


Offering to the Mothers and nature spirits.

This is a food Offering that will be carried out by High Priestess Ieisha of Inkwazi or High Priest Lante of Isikhova typically in a special holy spot out in nature where all the spirits meet.

The Izinyoni (birds) guide and confirm to us where your Offering should be placed and if it was accepted. Meaning we receive live answers in real time through bird interpretation. In some cases this may not always be possible due to the time of day but for the most part other animals can and will show up as well as indicators of spirit.

An offering like this may be carried out for many reasons such as

• renewal of abundance, love and sweetness in your life

•nothing is moving for you in your life or financially , needing an uncrossing

•Spiritual development, enhancing clarity and providing truth to a situation(animal spirits will gladly help with this)


•You have attempted to clear things out yourself but nothing is improving

•You have been advised by divination to make this offering for protection against witchcraft, negative energy, jealous and envious people, jinx.

•Ancestors are requiring this type of offering to help your situation by also using the support of nature.

Grassland People Food Offering By Priestess & Priest

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