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This Video is an exclusive step by step and informative video on how to Prepare for your readings. Ms.Z has years of experince and has learn many lessons that contribute to her teachings. This is nothing less than a gem for understanding how we must enter a reading just like a Church service, in ritual and in prayer! Ms.Z will explain the meaning behind being prepared and why it is so important to not miss a beat.
These short series are meant to be an afforable and time efficient, but they are worth way more. (hence why other classes cost way more) so take advantage of this offer.
This class is beginner friendly and can give tips to more experinced readers.
The video is approximately 37mins long.
Once you purchase,  please download the pdf. And on the pdf please follow the link to the 📹 video.

Thank you!

How To: Get Ready And Prep For Readings Video Link

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