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This is a Highly demanded and educational video on SERIOUS ANCESTOR VENERATION!

For beginners and seasoned practitioners alike who wish to have a deeper understanding of their Ancestors.

As an Initiated High Priestess of Inkwazi, I have learned much wisdom from many different Elders, and my own hard-core experiences with my Ancestors first hand.

*This is not just about a big feast for Ancestor spirits.

• We dive deep into who, what and why it is important to honor your loved ones.

• We cover topics such as who gets to be venerated and honored

• What happens when you don't venerate (which is extremely important)

•Why Ancestors may turn their back to you

• The average person vs the spiritual person when addressing Ancestors

• Clan names

• Altar work + Food Offerings

• Graveyard

• Ancient Ancestors vs Recent Ancestors

And much more. This course is 48mins long!! (And could have been longer, get your notepad and pen)

*once you purchase and download, the link will be available to watch the pre-recorded course.

Disclamer: This service does not replace medical treatment of any kind

Serious Ancestor Veneration Course

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