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Emergency Reading(urgent 48HR)

  • 30 min
  • 100 US dollars
  • YouTube video unlisted

Service Description

Do you need urgent guidance and can't wait for 5-14business days? This reading breaks the rules and allows you to get a reading within 48 hours of purchase, which is within 2 days of purchase. (Business Days only, weekends do not apply ) (It will block these days on the calendar when you try to book it, so please book for the following day available and leave a note for the date and time you booked it, which will also be indicated to me once payment is received and by email of your purchase. So rest assured, I will count the day and hour of purchase.) Terms and Conditions(subject to change) The reading will be delivered as usual with a YouTube video(unlisted) link sent directly to your email. You may ask up to four questions or pick up to two topics (reading split in half)on what you would like the reading to elaborate on. •This is not a medium session of the deceased,but I will answer questions concerning your ancestors if requested.Time predictions are not guaranteed due to changes made after the session. (Disclaimer this service is not to replace any medical treatment of any kind,including mental illness.DawningDreamz is not responsible with any actions you take after the service.) All sales final ( If anything changes,you will be notified immediately, to which I will offer a refund or schedule for the next day)

Cancellation Policy

All sales are final, NO Refunds. Once you book your reading ,you should receive your YouTube video link within 14 Business Days AFTER the booking date (the weekend DOES NOT apply), so please book for the next available date to mark the calendar correctly. Thank you! All Appointments Go In Order unless you book an "Emergency Reading". (I reserve the right to make changes to this policy if seen fit on behalf of the business)

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