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This Oracle deck has been long awaited , the original plan was to have it ready in 2018, but Spirit wouldn't have me ready for such a project until 2020 in the middle of a pandemic. The images are so powerful that one who understands the message behind the images might be moved to tears. The Deck is named 'Spirits of the North" Ariwa in Yoruba ,and it represents the place where the Ancestor spirits reside. The images are inspired through bridging the gap from African American History and spirituality to African tribes and spiritual roots. This deck encourages us to embrace our Ancestors and spirit guides and make communication fluid. It is an interactive deck that may require spiritual work right after a reading session with these cards. It is balanced reflecting both light and dark, but most of all helpful to all situations in life. This is more than a oracle deck, it is an investment that you will receive so much in return from, in spiritual growth and understanding spiritual warnings that we often miss.

As this is deck is limited do not hesitate to purchase, your Ancestors are waiting to connect to you, this deck is the medium that will make that process enjoyable and real-time.

  • The deck is large, size 3.5x5.75

  • Hand Illustrated 

  • Comes with PDF Book



Stay Up To Date -The Next Pre-Order is for December 2021


Pre-orders will go on until the last deck sells or when the oracle bags for the deck arrives (whichever comes first) This is an estimated two weeks before decks will ship out to customers. (real-time updates available on instagram @spiritsotnorth)


PLEASE allow up to 5 days from purchase for your pdf (spirits of the north)book to be delivered to your email. Place your valid email address in the note section when you purchase your deck, by default, if no email is provided it will be sent to the email address you used to purchase with paypal. If you forget to add the correct email address ,email me with your reciept! And I will resend it. Thank you!


Please remember that this is a pre-order, and dates are only estimated by the information I currently have. So, please be patient and aware of what you are purchasing. After 45days if you have not received an update, you may email me about the status. If you are international, please be advised some places do not offer tracking info, but I will still update you once the item has shipped and when to expect it.

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