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This is the sacred class that has never been released for additional purchases until now. It is very detailed with 2 hours of playback content from a live showing. You will learn alot such as how to think like a mature reader with no BS in between.

Hello Everyone, 

Thank you for taking an interest in this crash course on "All things divination". This is a highly requested class that I have finally decided to share my wisdom from experience. Although divination is a beautiful magical practice, it must be taken seriously to be effective in giving guidance for our lives and others. this is an Ancient art that has been around for years and has transformed into things like tarot and other subcategories . Tools for divination act as mediums to help you channel messages and insights. Here we will discuss some Great information on how to get started using your own experience as the number one teacher.
 We will expand on how to use the tarot, what is it? How should it be properly used? Is it safe? How can I read intuitively? Should I use Oracle cards instead? Is becoming a reader for me? We will discuss the validity of some of the spiritual community rumors vs the truth and I will go over skills that you can add to your own individual practice.
*Note this is NOT a class to teach you the Tarot. You will be expected to know the basics, but you are not required to know anything because you may want see what it is about before purchasing a  deck . 
We will also discuss other divination practices briefly, such as techniques that will enhance you intuitively abilities. We will discuss what you may want to stay away from if you are a beginner and ways to safely practice divination based on your gifts, (everyone is unique so what may help some may not help all) the cleansing and ritual needed to keep your energy clear.

*The class will be a hour and a half 1hr and 30mins 
*It will be conducted on a private YouTube Live video, you will receive a link once you download the document and follow instructions (click the link on the document or copy and paste link) if the download does not work, email me and I will send it manually.
*This is beginner Friendly, I am speaking from experience and what has worked for me over the years, if you're looking for a history lesson this may not be the class for you.
*This class does not certify that you are a tarot reader only you can do that, anything else is a rip off. You will feel more confident as a reader with this class.

All Things Divination Class (hyperlink to private video)

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